the southern reach

Books I've read in June

I don't know what it is about this summer but I've been reading a lot. Maybe it's because if I have to get in my oven of a car with no air conditioning in this Florida heat without absolutely having to I might just die.

Anyways, the first books of the month I read are The Magicians Trilogy.

the magicians

After watching the first two seasons of the new SyFy series I was hooked and wanting more. The characters in these stories are relatable and the sarcastic humor is great. Although, the books and tv series are quite different, I kind of like it that way. It gives you more time with the lovable characters that you wouldn't have otherwise. The stories basically have the same outcome but with a little bit of a different way of getting there. 

Quentin is a high school student about to head to college when he suddenly ends up at magicians school called Brakebills. His long time obsession of the fictional books (which I wish were real) Fillory and Further tend to be true although with some darker secrets. There are villians, love, lots of tests, and the end of magic. Very dramatic stuff here.

These books are fairly short and easy to read. If you haven't read them or watched the show, I highly suggest you do. There are basically a book of The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter put together.

annihilation jeff vandermeer

Another series I have started is the Southern Reach Trilogy. I downloaded these books years ago and just started reading them. I was surprised at how different to the description I remember reading that they are.  When I first started I assumed these would be an apocalyptic novel kind of like Divergent where the characters find out what is really going on. That theory was partly true but I wasn't expecting to feel the thrill of a jump scare about to happen at any moment. I think I read this book in around three days because I just needed to know what was around the corner. The spookiness was overwhelming and I just needed to understand. 

This book is in the perspective of a biologist the goes into Area X as part of an exploration team. It is written in a journaling perspective which makes it feel like you were there. Area X is unexplained except that we know of the different environments living in such close quarters as well as that there is an invisible border that has unknown origin to keep people out. 

auhority jeff vandermeer

Authority is the second book in the trilogy and I am still reading it but I thought I'd explain what I know from it her as well and next month hopefully I will know the entire outcome. 

This book is in the perspective of the southern reach director. I like how this gives you a whole different look into what Area X is and that no one is really in control of it, or themselves. Not as spooky, but still equally as eerie, I'm excited to reach the end where the director will hopefully round out the theories I have or maybe not because I've still got one more book to go!

jen sincero

This is also an in "process of reading" book. I tend to not be able to read non fiction as easily. I have to flip back and forth if I want to actually process the book. I have reading this off and on for about a month. It's a fairly short book and it has been a real inspiring read so far. 

Jen Sincero has a great humor which keeps me more engrossed. This is actually the furthest I've read into a "self-help" book because most of them are really boring and I can't handle it. She puts things into perspective and does it in a funny relatable way.

I hope I gave you some insight on what to read this summer! I will keep you updated on my books of choice!