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Indoor Plants

I've been really into gardening lately. Fixing up our front yard has been a long process and it still needs some more time but I feel pretty happy driving up to our house now. The grass is definitely the slowest portion of the process so I decided to keep my inspiration going by bringing some plants inside. 

I'll start off by saying my record of keeping indoor plants alive isn't the best and recently one of my beloved Pothos, that I've had for 2.5 years bit the dust for some odd reason. I'm assuming my need to water things if look even a little bit off was the culprit. Over-watering is always my downfall. 

Now That I've invested in some new little guys I'm going to try my hardest to nurse them to their full potential. I even bought a tester succulent to see how well I can manage my bad tendency to over-water, that is the true test to see if I can do it. The other plants are labeled as the "easy to grow" but I honestly didn't even know that when picking them out. I just thought they were nice looking and for low-light so that meant let's do this. 

easy indoor house plants

Now, on the opposite side of over-watering aren't these plant filled bathrooms dreamy? Apparently, even if you don't have windows fluorescent bulbs will do the trick. I'm planning on this being my next venture in the plant world but first I have to fix up some of the not so great aspects of our bathrooms. 

plants in bathroom
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