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Book Review / The Disappearances

the disappearances sarah bain murphy


Every seven years something disappears the remote town of Sterling: people's reflections, the stars in the sky, the ability to dream. Aila realizes that her mother may be to blame for the curse. But some mysteries are buried very deep and some secrets want to stay hidden - and one young woman's desire to uncover the truth may not be enough to save the people of Sterling from the past.

The blurb on the back of the book made me feel that this novel was about Aila snooping to find her mothers secrets, little did I know the depth of this story would go way further than I expected.

It is the year 1942 when Ailas mother passes away and her father is drafted into the war. Subsequently, her brother and her are sent to Sterling, their mothers hometown, to stay with a close friend. They soon learn of the peculiarities of the little town, things seem to disappear and no one knows why. 

The way history is pulled into the story is phenomenal and unpredictable. I believe that this is what made me enjoy the book so much, bringing real things into fiction is what I love. Emily Bain Murphy did a wonderful job of keeping things a mystery, throwing you a little of track. The small amount of romance that is produced also leaves you with a small bit of lingering giddiness. I was pleasantly surprised of how much I enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anyone who is remotely interested in YA fiction.