Five Things I'm Trying Not To Buy This Week

Browsing the internet leisurely comes really hard for me because I end up wanting SO many things. I'm starting to compartmentalize the needs from the wants which makes it a lot easier but I still have that nagging thought "I'm going to regret not buying that."

Here are some things I wish I could buy right now but have decided I shouldn't take the hit just yet. 

 not without my coffee

This shirt from is the perfect graphic tee. I've been eyeing this for a while now with it's perfect coloring to the cute saying (that is totally accurate) and writing this now is making it harder to not take the plunge....

 anthropology romper

Next, is this romper from Anthropologie. With it's pretty hefty price tag, it's a little easier  to hold off on this one. The colors are absolutely perfect and the linen would make the Florida heat easy breezy. The cut also seems very flattering and who doesn't love an all in one outfit?

 new darlings free people

I first saw these pants on a blog post from New Darlings and my jaw literally dropped. The shape of them, the color of them, the material, 100%, good job Free People.

 smart plant tracker

These last two things are going to be a little different than the previous. This Smart Plant Tracker caught my eye on Urban Outfitters. In my plant post I let you guys know that I'm a little prone to overwatering the little guys. This little gadget seems like it would be great for me!

 west elm chandelier 

Now, lastly is this gorgeous light fixture from West Elm. Our kitchen...well it's just a disaster. It needs some hard work and love for sure. Although, recently bulbs have slowly started going out in the worst light fixture that happens to call our kitchen it's home. This is a sign to me that it needs to get taken out! Of course you can replace the bulbs easy peasy, but nope lets get a new light please!!