Inspiration Weekly

This is the start of a new weekly series that I will post every Friday. Lots of inspiration I have found throughout the week to keep me going. Most of the time that I am on the computer I will be browsing pinterest and that gets me in the mood to make everything perfect around me. Although, I often get disappointed in myself because I never accomplish everything that I want to in a day.

I have been reading Jen Sincero's You Are A Badass and I've learned to give myself a limited amount of goals a day so I can feel accomplished when I get ready to lay down and go to sleep at night. Writing a to do list or making a list of reminders on my phone has significantly improved my mood towards getting things done. Instead of being overwhelmed by a massive weekly list, I write down 3-5 small tasks that I know I can accomplish with the allotted time I have around other responsibilities (work, pets, dinner, etc.). Now, I can be proud of myself at the end of the day instead of beating myself up over not getting enough tasks done.

 pink peonies

Peonies are everyone and their mothers favorite flower, including mine, so when I see a million picture telling me to go to trader joes to get some I happily oblige and buy more than I probably need.

 geometric vines
 indoor garden

Yes, I am obsessed with plants right now, let's move along....

 gallery wall

Something I want really bad right now is a gallery wall around our tv. Although, ours is mounted over our fireplace so it won't be as much of a statement of this one, I love how the space was used here. A++.

 i get so excited when I think about making things

Pretty sure I get more excited thinking about making things then I actually do about making things.

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