This Weekend

This weekend seemed way too short, especially since I had to wake up extra early on Saturday to work. I mostly had a lazy weekend but started cleaning out our closet to paint it Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, when I started painted I realized how bad the paint smelled. It was leftover paint from when we painted out living room but I used it after that to paint the guest room closet. I had to stop painting because the smell was so bad and took over the entire house. 


Has this ever happened to you? I didn't think paint could go bad but there is something definitely wrong with this gallon. I haven't opened the white (also leftover) for the trim because I expect it is the same. 

I was pretty bummed and then started feeling ill on Sunday so I guess my painting adventure will continue next weekend. 


Oh I was thinking of painting a pattern on the back wall of the closet, any ideas?


Single Vision

I cannot believe how long of a time it's been since I last posted. Things have been hectic due to an accelerated American history class that required a lot of my time, but now I only have one paper left and it's back to my normal studies.

Which means back to a normal blogging regime! 
So last time we spoke at the end of July, I had lots of ideas brewing they were put on hold. Now, with my newly energized fall burst of energy I can continue to do those things and more, but for this post I want to share an experience during I had during the break at Single Vision.

Single Vision is a wildlife refuge about an hour outside of Gainesville, Fl. They take in animals that were unwanted by owners or zoos. I was able to do the interactive experience and it was wonderful seeing all the animals up close. It was definitely an experience I will never forget and will probably go back and do sometime soon! 

fennec fox
mountain lion